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About the Adora Sphynx family:

     We are a small family-based cattery out of the Kansas City, Kansas metro area (USA).   Our goal is to produce the the highest quality, best breed conformity, healthiest, and most love-able socialized cats and kittens we can. This is done to support the health of hairless breeds and those who adore them.   We were first introduced to this amazing breed because of our sons severe allergies.  He had the opportunity to be with his first hairless cat and a great love was born. With this breed, he was able to finally able to love the cat he so dearly wanted.  This love and hope began our search for our first Sphynx baby, Jack Jax, who is now a champion and the King of Adora Sphynx.  We are so excited to get to share this incredible breed with others! So, you have found a naked kitten or cat on our web site that has

spoken to your heart, well, we know exactly how you feel.  We felt the same way when we found our exciting! 


                                        VIDEO CALLS and PICTURES


  • It is usually a good idea to contact us prior to making a deposit, but we are very good at updating the status of the kittens availability as they are reserved.

  • We are of course happy to do video calls to help you meet us and your baby.

  • We do update our website photos 2  times prior to kittens going home and occasionally post Facebook videos or updates. 

  • Please understand we cannot spend a lot of time taking personal request to send extra photos or videos of kittens (beyond normal meet and greet video calls etc. but we SUGGEST doing these, especially if you are having trouble deciding on a baby) as we are busy caring for them, feeding them, making food, cleaning litter boxes, etc. getting good photos of these moving targets, while a joy, is time consuming! 

  • If you want an update just call or text and we will be happy to give you a quick update....we know the wait is long, but it is oh so worth it!  


           When you purchase an Adora Sphynx kitten or cat you also receive:

  • Up to date vaccinated kitten that has been dewormed.

  • CFA and/or TICA registration paperwork.

  • Legal receipt and transfer of ownership papers.  

  • Spayed or nurtured prior to coming home so the most crucial healing time and risk occurs on our cattery time/dime.

  • Veterinarian checked and vaccine record/health certificate document.

  • A well loved, cuddled and well socialized pet that is exposed to children, adults, teenagers, dogs and other cats.

  • Scratching post introduced and introduced to litter box if not already fully litter trained.  

  • A kitten that has been bathed and exposed to this process, as well as ear cleaning and nail trimming. 

  • Peace of mind that we are and HCM scanning cattery with both parents on site.

  • Sample of kibble, wet food, dehydrated food,  blanket with queens scent and if season appropriate, toys.

  • Life time breeder support.


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