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Our Sphynx kittens are registered with TICA and /or CFA and will come to their new owners with their vaccinations up-to-date and  a health guarantee at approximately (sometimes sphynx/elfs can go at 14 weeks BUT it is up to the vet, kitten health and pick up options )14 to 16 weeks of age. Both parents are available to see (happy to video call, as well as photos) and have tested negative for Fip/FELV/FIV. We are also an HCM scanning cattery and know our cats and their health histories. Feel free to FB message us, text, call or email and ask about upcoming litters. We would love to talk to you about this remarkable breed!

It is very important to us at Adora Sphynx that your kitten will be a cherished member of your family for the duration of its life. Sphynx cats are amazing animals who need interaction with their owners so please make sure before you decide to purchase one of our kittens you do your homework on the breed. This breed needs to be bathed regularly, this depends on the individual cat and the quality of food they’re being fed. They are to be kept indoors at all times, and be careful of sun exposure, even indoors. I have been known to take a walk with our Sphynx during appropriate weather. Their safety is paramount, so they are always harnessed and either covered with a light T-shirt or organic, non toxic, Sphynx sunscreen.  They do run HOT, regular temperature is between 101- 103 degrees. They need to gave warm places to snuggle and have fresh water available at all times, a regular feeding schedule and or kibble available at all times due  to their temperature and increased metabolic needs.  I have answered questions from people who are under the impression Sphynx cats require little to no maintenance, or they are hypoallergenic. They are neither. Yes, they tend to give people with allergies less or no reaction but no breed is completely “hypoallergenic”.  Obviously due to their hairless or nearly hairless nature you will have very little,if any fur on you or in your home, which is a great! Fleas are also not an issue for sphynx please  read up on the breed carefully and do research online to make sure a Sphynx is the right cat for you! 


There are 4 delivery options available-

Pick Up:  You must be the one to pick up your furless baby around the Kansas City area.  No additional charge.

* Also, we live fairly close to KCI- Kansas-city international airport -so for example from Minneapolis /St. Paul, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, St. Loius, Boston, Atlanta,Tampa, are all approx. $200-250 round trip for adopters to fly in and get their babies and yes, we meet at the airport (KCI/MCI)  for free. 

Car Delivery:  I will drive up to 1 hour ish for free in the Kansas city metro.  After that, 2 hours ( 4 hours round trip charge additionally) to deliver or meet you. Buyer is responsible for my cost of $1.00 a mile each way and this cost is also due 3 weeks prior to delivery.

Commercial airline:  Continental US Delivery with Delta to MAJOR US cities available for $450. Please discuss with me if your city qualifies as a major hub city and weather is permitting.  ( Delta: "To keep your pet safe, we observe seasonal restrictions on pet travel. For your pet’s safety, we don’t ship pets during extreme weather. This includes if the temperature exceeds 80˚F (27˚C) or if the temperature falls below 20˚F (-7˚C) while the animal is on the ground at any point in the routing."  Can only be booked maximum of 14 days in advance.)

Once I turn your kitten over to the airline the kitten and their health and /liability is out of our hands, as we have no say in the airline or its practices. For more information on Delta Pet Cargo click the link from the drop down menu above. We have personally used this service and have had no issues ourselves. International shipping arrangements available, please call.

Hand delivery: Adora sphynx will fly to many major US airports (per my schedule and yours) and hand deliver your kitten at the airport if needed. This is an additional $650.

Health Guarantee & Information

Your new kitten will be sterilized before leaving our cattery. Kittens will be ready for pick up at approx. 14-16 weeks depending health, weight and final veterinary release after sterilization.  We do not sell unaltered kittens.  Kittens will not leave early or unsterilized -  please don't ask this is not negotiable and for their overall health.  

We strive to provide our clients with the healthiest kittens possible. When you receive your kitten, you will get a copy of your kitten’s vet exam notes, as well as their complete vaccination records. All kittens are thoroughly examined by our veterinarian before going to their new homes.  Odd eyed kittens or cats, priced on a case by case basis: 
If kitten is found to be odd eyed prior to delivery of a contract, it can be revisited by seller including price and /or
Kitten can be kept by Adora Sphynx as a
breeder or show cat retention of kitten. If so, the deposit will be refunded and /or applied to another kitten of your choice the next if
available or in next available litter.

Adora Sphynx offers a 72 hour health guarantee in which the client is responsible for taking their new kitten to a veterinarian to verify it’s good health. We also offer a one year health guarantee against life-threatening genetic defects. All the terms of the agreement are spelled out in the purchase contract and will be explained at the time of transfer from our cattery to your home.


Adora Sphynx Kitten Care Sheet:

You have waited for what seems like forever to get your kitten home and you may

be ready to play and cuddle, but this is just the beginning of a rather stressful

journey for kitty. By the time they arrive at your home, you should have already

your home and have hopefully already purchased:


*Blankets and/or a bed


*Food and water dishes

*Litter boxes and litter (We have used World’s Best unscented Clumping Corn

Litter, the last few weeks, before going home)

*2-3 different types of scratch pads.

A Few items of NOTE:

If you have multiple levels in your home, you will want at least one litter box on

each level, so kitty has access to at least 2 litter boxes on the level kitty will spend

most of their time, as well as 1 or 2 scratch pads/posts per level. We used several

different types here, so they can be exposed to several kinds.

If you do not plan on using World’s Best litter, that is fine, however, you will still

need to purchase some to begin with, then slowly begin to transition kitty over to

the other litter by gradually adding more of the new litter to the old litter every day

until you are using 100% of the new litter. Cats know their litter boxes because of

the type of box, smell and how it feels. Using other types of litter, such as clay,

wheat, pellets, crystals, paper, etc., without properly introducing them will lead to

Failure and confusion– kitty will have no idea this new stuff is supposed to be their

new bathroom! Call me if you run into issues and we will walk through it.

FOOD and Colds:

If your kitten ever stops eating or drinking for more than one meal it’s an emergency and he/she needs to go to vet ASAP.

Research suggests that over 90% of all cats are carriers for the herpes virus. This virus is airborne, can live on surfaces and is generally thought by veterinarians to cause the vast majority of cat and kitten common colds.  Think of it like when you were a kid and got the chickenpox and healed from them. However, we all know someone who has had shingles as an adult- this is the latent expressed form of chickenpox, rearing it’s ugly head again because they “carry the virus forever” in their bodies. The herpes virus is quite similar and some cats/ kittens express the herpes virus the same way, and some don’t ever express it at all. If kitty gets ill the average treatment to get it totally cleared is 7-21 days but we know felines can re-express this latent illness again, especially with stress. The top 3 reasons kittens/cats express a cold are:


1. Surgery or other medical stress or primary illness.

2. Rehoming.

3. Adding a pet or subtracting pet or human from the home. 

Purebreds ( all purebred cats are more susceptible) sphynx are even more susceptible, in my humble opinion, due to hairless nature and heat loss. This is NOT a congenital or genetic defect, just a known risk to the breed, like  needing regular dental care/ tooth brushing, and baths. We are extremely lucky to have very few colds ever here and all of our Queens and Kings have negative status on file with our veterinarian.  All breeds have upsides and downsides and if properly cared for this is one aspect of Sphynx care we feel is worth it but also worth noting. 


We will send home a dry food sample. We do feed raw primarily, however, the

kibble we leave down is premium 24/7 is grain-free poultry Taste of the wild kibble / or duck and Solid Gold grain-free chicken with lentils. The instinct brand with raw bits and Nulo are the wet we use. The cats all love solid gold wet foods as well. You will get small samples of all the foods the kittens are on and a 3-5# bag of kibble to start. You will need to get the supplements, litter, extra wet, and dehydrated prior to baby coming home. I can send pictures of the product list of things we use, if you need it. 

Once you pick a brand stick with it and don’t jump around often, unless there is an issue, as frequent changes can really mess with gut health. The

hairless breeds also have a higher metabolism because of their need to keep warm, so they eat more

than an average cat. Because of this, we highly suggest give unlimited access to

dry food at all times. Always provide premium dry cat food and fresh water at all

times. Although we feed a raw meat diet throughout the day, we also leave dry

food out for them to eat. Kitty may still have a little loose stool (stress) for a couple

of days and changing their food up now would only make it worse. If you do not

feed the same food they are used to, or suddenly switch foods at any time, they will

most likely get diarrhea until their system readjusts to the new food. So, if you do

not wish to continue feeding what they are on, you will need to switch them to the

new brand slowly, gradually adding more of the new brand every couple days until

you are feeding 100% of the new brand. As kittens, we feed raw 3 x a day = ½ can

of soft food 3 times daily until they are about 4-5 months old; then reduce to 1-2

times daily from 6-9 months old; and then down to 1 time every day from

then on. If you decide to go canned use a premium grain-free canned variety.

Several of my sphynx friends use Taste of the Wild and Sheba, all grain-free

varieties only.

Body type/build: Different hairless cats have different body builds. Some are

more bulky and plump, rather solid-looking. While others can be lean and more

athletic/sleek; however, your cat should not be bony (some healthy cats hip bones

may even show, but never their whole rib cage or full shoulder blade. If you

decide to feed raw Darwin’s and Tuckers Raw for delivery, are very

reasonably. Instinct Raw, Darwins, Merrick also

has some great products available at most local major pet stores or through A freeze-dried or dehydrated nugget that is very close to raw is also

available from several retailers, we use this as a treat after baths and to travel with

at shows as raw isn’t a convenient travel option. The cats love it! There are several

like, Instinct Raw Nuggets, Primal, Tuckers raw diet and Stella and Chewy’s to name a few. Some

of these preparations are meant as a treat and others a complete meal so just read

your packaging carefully. If you are using this as a meal or part of a meal please

be sure to rehydrate it first with water, as it will dehydrate your babies if

you don’t!  We do make our own raw food and I can suggest several 

web sites for you to research for yourself if you are interested. You may also

consider a semi homemade products. We have tried and liked a couple called

“Better in the Raw” or “TC Feline”. This is how we started out and with these you

add pre-ground meet or finely chop chicken. Our cats loved it and it is quite

economical and healthy for a smaller sphynx household. It takes less than 10 mins.

using a premix to . make food for a couple 2 weeks and is like Sphynx meatloaf️!

There are many resources online to help you if you would like to feed raw.

I do suggest doing plenty of research, as there are many different vitamins and supplements

needed to give your cat a complete and balanced diet. Read up and ask your vet and

me questions about this and decide what works for you and your babies!


Once you get home:

Take your kitty to his/her new room and litter box first thing! I suggest the

litterbox have a small spray of catnip mixed in the litter. Going to a new home is

very overwhelming and takes some time to adjust. To begin, you should have a

small room like a bathroom and possibly your master bedroom with a cat bed, a litter box,

food and water dishes, a scratch post, and some toys ready for kitten. They should

spend the first few days . (until healed and out of kitty quarantine) 

here, with you visiting frequently, to get used to the new sounds and smells. This

way, they are not completely overwhelmed by a large space they can get “lost” in.

After a few days, slowly start letting kitty out to explore while being supervised.

You will need to keep reminding kitty where their litter box is by physically

placing them in the box every few hours for the first 4-7 days. Also, it is probably

best to slow your new kitten down a bit. I know it's tough because you’ve waited forever

but this not the time to go visiting others/mixing with nature, other animals, pets etc.

Plenty of time to show your baby off once he/she is healed.

Confine your cat to a room while it heals. Confining your cat to an indoor room is the

best way to keep him safe from while the wound as it heals.  To prevent your new baby

from getting an infection, keep your cat confined to an indoor room until the incision is healed, 

generally, they are fully healed by 10-14 days. Make sure it has a litter box, food ,

water and warmth of a warm bed. Eventually, once kitty is healed and use to these

surroundings, the kitty will get to expand and roam with your supervision at first and later solo.

Stitches will dissolve for spay/neuter surgery.


Our vets recommend:

For flairs or colds, which can be common after spay/neuter and rehoming.( these are considered a normal not congenital or genetic issue and all cats are susceptible, especially purebreds, to this with change) L-lysine 500mg twice a day for 5-7 days decreasing to 250mg twice a day for a couple of weeks; this maintains better health. Also, a good daily probiotic can also help with immune and gut support, like Dr. Mercola’s complete probiotics or Fortiflora for cats by Purina. (all available online at Amazon, or some good health food stores and pet stores/boutiques)


As of 1-2-19 the University of KSATE cardiology clinic recommends Taurine, adults hairless dose is 250-500mg daily, based on size. We do supplement all our cats daily with Taurine to support their heart and eyes.


METABOLISM: hairless & hairless breeds 

metabolize about twice as fast as other cat breeds. This not only means they require

more food and water but also that their body uses /disposes of medications and

other supplements quicker than other breeds. (for example, a hairless will recover and

wake up from being sedated far before atypical cat will). BONDING: although

there are also a few other cat breeds that enjoy human companions as much as

sphynx, a hairless will actually become lonely and depressed if they don’t get

enough time with their family. There are recorded cases of sphynx mama’s

starving themselves with food and water available in a home, but because it was

not in the same room where she was with her kittens, she wouldn’t leave her

kittens to eat. These guys really bond to their humans in much the same way. They

are extremely loyal and loving! Please remember you have friends, a career,

possibly a significant other or spouse, maybe kids, you go to movies, have hobbies,

etc. but to your sphynx, you are their whole world and they can’t wait for you to

come home!

Please email or text or call me if you have any questions, we are here to help. We

would love to hear from you, get pictures and be a part of your continued sphynx

story. We thank letting a sphynx find their way into your heart. They are a blessing

from our home to yours.

We also very much appreciate your recommendations to other animal lovers,

friends, and family; word of mouth referrals is the greatest compliment, next to the

sweet babies who live with you. Thank you for choosing an Adora Sphynx!


Leta Rogers and family of Adora Sphynx, LLC




What is a waiting list?

This is a list of prospective families that are committed to bringing home an beautiful healthy Adora Sphynx baby as soon as one becomes available. Some people ask if they can deposit on two kittens and yes,  you can deposit on the same list twice ie: you want two kittens from same litter or you can deposit on a bambino and a Sphynx litter at the same time holding multiple positions at once.

How does the list work?

There is a small deposit required to be placed on our cattery's waiting list. The deposit for our waiting list is $150. This is the standard for placements on the waiting and it ensures pick of litter before the kittens are placed for adoption to those who might just have lucky timing and who have not been waiting not on the waiting list. $100 of this amount is applied towards the balance of the kitten once selected, the other $50 goes for licensing fees and administration cost. Once waitlist deposit  is received a receipt of this $150 is sent with your ranking on the list to the phone number or email file. Pick of the litter is determined by your ranking within the waiting list. Pick of the litter or position may not be bought, as is the practice of some catteries.  If you choose to pass on-a litter and all  below you also pass your number still moves up accordingly on the list for next pick. Adorasphynx contacts you once the litter is born (via text or email) and selection of kitten is done 4-6 weeks after birth (once the coat color has set). Once you choose your kitten, the remaining amount of the deposit is placed and a contract is sent via email. Our waiting list deposit can be placed via PayPal/ Venmo  (a 3% convenience fee is included). A PayPal Button can be accessed on our website at the bottom of my available kittens page or at bottom here, use the waitlist dropdown option. Cashiers check to our PO BOX is also an option, however please contact for more information on this process. 

Is waitlist deposit refundable/transferable?

If you no longer want to be on the waiting list or if you don't find a kitten that meets your needs within that litter, the waitlist deposit can be "passed"  to another/next pregnant Queen.  You may also pass on a litter and then you move up accordingly and applies to the next litter or don’t contact us back. The waitlist $100 is not refundable but us applicable towards kitten deposit.

Thanks so much for wanting to add a wonderful, healthy, loving Adora baby to your family! Don’t hesitate it email, text, or call me for questions. - Leta with Adora Sphynx 


* If you don’t pick a kitten and remain on our list for one Queen, or roll/ transfer to the next pregnant Queen, after 3 total waitlist cycles your waitlist position and deposit are forfeited. This assures fairness to others and that you cannot forever hold a #1 position in the line if you don't choose or if you don't ever return contact to us.





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The  Adora kittens shown here are all now in their forever homes. :) All of the families started on our waitlist. 

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