Queen of Adora Sphynx,  Luna Lou

HCM scanned negative

Breed: sphynx

TICA registered

Color: lilac (rare) with seal pointed 

Eyes: blue

Russian imported championship bloodlines

Future Queen Gemini

King of Adora Sphynx,  Finnegan O' Blue 

HCM scan - Negative 

Breed: Sphynx

TICA registered ​

Color: White 

Eye color:  ODD eyes

*Grand Champion and Champion Bloodlines

* RARE cat 


Future Queen of Adora Sphynx,  Gemini  ( aka Gemma, Born at Adora)

HCM Pending 

Breed: Bambino 

TICA registered 

Color: solid Cream 


Russian imported championship bloodlines and American Grand  Championship bloodlines.  

* Very RARE / ODD eye Bambino

 Queen of Adora Sphynx,  Harley Quinn 

HCM  scan- negative 

Breed: sphynx

CFA registered 

Color: Pointed bi color

Eyes: *AQUA  eyes (rarest single eye color along with copper, her eye color wasn't set until nearly 5.5 mo. of age)

Russian imported championship bloodlines 


Queen of Adora Sphynx,  Bella Mia 

HCM scan- Negative 

Breed: Bambino 

TICA registered 

Color: solid black

Eyes: * COPPER (very rare single eye color) 

Russian imported championship bloodlines 

King of Adora Sphynx,  Jack Jax 

HCM scan -Negative 

Breed: Sphynx

CFA registered ​

Color: Blue and White Van

Eye color: Sea-foam Green

*He is a champion himself and Grand Champion and Champion Bloodlines

      QUEEN Stella

Queen of Adora Sphynx,  Stella Bella 

HCM scan- Negative 

Breed: Dwelf  (very rare) 

TICA registered 

Color: Blue tuxedo with cream points

Eyes: green

Championship bloodlines

( Stellas Grandpa is Gremlin of animal planet "sphynx 101" fame see link below)


Queen of Adora Sphynx,  Freya Faith (born at Adora)

HCM scan- Negative 

Breed: Bambino 

TICA registered 

Color:  lilac (rare) bicolor  

Eyes: green

Adora bred /Russian imported champion and grand champion bloodlines

             Queen Freya 

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