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"Are Hairless Cats Hypoallergenic?"

So anyone who has spoken to me on the phone knows I am a bit of a cat/ science nerd and a huge question I get asked the time is “ will I be allergic to this cat?” Here is my best answer and the why- No animal is truly hypoallergenic as of yet because we all shed skin cells and in a cats case “dander”, However, my son is highly ( hives, eyes swelling, wheezing) allergic to cats and he lives and sleeps in a bed with 3 of these guys with NO problems. Here is why:

All cats including Sphynx, are deficient in an enzyme called transferase.  This is likely responsible for the FeLd 1 production and is responsible for the process of glucuronidation, a major part of phase II metabolism. Arguably the most important of part of the Phase II (conjugative) enzymes is the break down of metabolites, drugs and some foods including proteins ( ie: amino acids). CRAZY right! That’s why kitties themselves are so “allergic” to things. And so many things are toxic to our feline friends!!! Like phenols ( Lysol, pinesol, some essential oils, Tylenol. Etc) they just cant break it down. The  feld 1 ( found in cats saliva) and dander are the 2 main allergens that affect most humans . 

If you have skin you have dander so Sphynx are not hypoallergenic. However, they shed far less skin and very little “fur “, especially if fed well and kept clean/ bathed regularly. When cats lick themselves they deposit the feld 1 onto their own skin or fur if they are furry cats. Furry cats then shed and leave the fur and that feld 1 all over your home, clothes, carpet, furniture, and bedding. Sphynx’s simply don’t shed so that eliminates a ton of the problem.  And if the cat is wiped down, Fed a quality food and bathed regularly with clean bedding the feld 1 isn’t likely to be as much of an issue either. Hope this info helps! Please discuss this with your veterinarian and or family doctor if you are truly concerned.  I also have references of several other families with kids and adults that never thought they’d have a pet or cat and are happily living together with an Adora baby. 

This information is provided as a guide and is intended to educate. It is not meant to replace or supersede any veterinary or medical treatment or doctors treatment or medical advise.

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