Adora Sphynx Waitlist

What is a waiting list?

This is a list of prospective families that are committed to bringing home an beautiful healthy Adora Sphynx baby as soon as one becomes available. Some people ask if they can deposit on two kittens and yes,  you can deposit on the same list twice ie: you want two kittens from same litter or you can deposit on a bambino and a Sphynx litter at the same time holding multiple positions at once.

How does the list work?

There is a small deposit required to be placed on our cattery's waiting list. The deposit for our waiting list is $100. This is the standard for placements on the waiting and it ensures pick of litter before the kittens are placed for adoption to those who might just have lucky timing and who have not been waiting not on the waiting list. This amount is applied towards the balance of the kitten once selected. Once waitlist deposit  is received a receipt of this $100 is sent with your ranking on the list to the phone number or email file. Pick of the litter is determined by your ranking within the waiting list.  If you choose to pass on-a litter and someone below you doesn’t your number still moves up accordingly on the list for next pick. Adorasphynx  contacts you once the litter is born (via text or email) and selection of kitten is done 4-6 weeks after birth (once the coat color has set). Once you choose your kitten, the remaining amount of the deposit is placed and a contract is sent via email. Our waiting list deposit can be placed via PayPal (a 3% convenience fee is included). A PayPal Button can be accessed  on our website at the bottom of my available kittens page, use the waitlist dropdown option. Cashiers check to our PO BOX is also an option, however please contact for more information on this process. 

Is waitlist deposit refundable/transferable?

If you no longer want to be on that waiting list or if you don't find a kittens that meets your needs within that litter, the wait list you may pass to the next pregnant Queen.  You may also pass on a litter and then you stay and  you move up accordingly. The waitlist deposit is not refundable but is applicable to the kitten that you choose.  

Thanks so much for wanting to add a wonderful, healthy, loving Adora baby to your family! Don’t hesitate it email, text, or call me for questions. - Leta with Adora Sphynx 


* If you don’t pick a kitten and remain on our list or transfer to another Queen, after 4 total waitlist cycles your waitlist position and deposit are forfeited. This assures fairness to others and that you cannot forever hold a #1 position in the line if you don't choose or if you don't ever return contact to us.

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