Harley and Jacks litter born 9/16/19 and Freyas litter born 9/23/19. Kittens will be ready to go home mid Jan. 2020 so they will be the perfect Holiday surprise. Stellas litter of 5 was born Nov. 3rd she had one dwelf, 2 elfs, and 2 sphynx. Gracie is due any day. Stella and Gracies babies will be ready end of Feb. or beginning of March. (Future waitlist open see bottom of page or more info. on waitlist page).  Waitlist is transferable if you don't fall in love with a baby from that litter. See the adoption page for all details.

*After putting in your non refundable PayPal deposit on your baby, please contact us by call or text so we can confirm with you and mark your kitten as "reserved" for you on our site and send you a kitten confirmation email.*

Our little Stella has quite the famous family❤️ (think the Kardashian’s of Cats!) from the Animal planet and discovery channel- her grandpa is GREMLIN. 

So all her kittens have an incredible lineage and coupled with Jacks quadruple grand champion lines their babies are just wonders to behold!


Available for Adoption from Queen Harley and King Jack born 9/16/19-

"The Magnificent Seven"- these 7 boys are wonderful, healthy and already trying some raw food...what a bunch a cowboys! They will be ready for their forever homes mid- January- so purrfect holiday surprises for loved ones! The waitlist is open for Freyas litter and Harleys kittens are marked and available via their PayPal buttons for individual deposits.  

CHICO- RESERVED- this seal and cream /light seal or mink boy darken up and has the possibility of developing eyes like mama down the line...or he will have stunning green eyes like dad and he is already patting around a ball. Well built and NAKED he also already purrs! His markings will continue to deepen the first 9-12 months of his life. He loves sleeping on my shoulder and is a cutie. 

$ 1500 

Gina and Julie, TN

VIN- Reserved, - this guy was originally our runt with the wiggly ears eating in my Face Book video... a runt no more, he made up for lost time, lol!   Super dupper cute and lots of color, and wrinkles, well sweet VIN has 'em. ( and a few baby rolls :) ... but we don't mind!) And yes his ears still wiggle when he is drinking off his mama, sweetest boy ever. And he loves to play and is full of tomfoolery with his cowboy clan of brothers. His colors will continue to darken and develop with time. He already knows how to purr! 

$ 1500

Stephanie and family in TX.

BERNARDO- Pending deposit-Look at that face ... I just can't with this one! Bicolor van male with a wonderful dark nose huge ears and expressions that capture your attention. Plus an explores heart. His color will continue to darken and develop over the next several months as will his big personality. $1500

Rosie, Ill.

BRITT- Reserved-This mostly solid light seal or lilac male with a seal mask and pointing ears, he too may have his mama's eyes ... we 'll have to wait and see. He has some lighter flash on his lower legs. He is sweet as pie and always watching and checking out what we are doing. The first to play and purr and wrestle with his brothers this guy is sooo fun and gorgeous!! He will darken and develop over the months and is all that a sphynx should be. $1700

Reserved for Lindsey and 

family in KS.

Harry Luck- Pending Deposit- but yep, he is actually hairless- no hair to be found and we are the lucky ones! Beautiful sweet van male. He is a go-getter and the first to eat raw food. Laidback so far, plays and still loves the snuggles! A very well rounded little fella. $1400

Rosie, Ill.

CHRIS aka THE CAJUN- RESERVED and yep, leader of the pack - van male looks like a doppelganger of daddy Jack. He is sweet and outgoing and very naked. He has a lovely fave and pink little nose. His colors will continue to darken over the year. He is the first to walk, first to use the litter box and the first to give kisses. Love this one! $1400

Reserved for Kate, Fl.

Waitlist reserves: (all bambinos)

Introducing- Freya's litter with bambino and sphynx. These little sweeties are names after some of our favorite cartoon characters! A couple of people already had picks on Bambinos waitlist so the available kittens are marked with PayPal reservable buttons. 


reserved- this seal and cream boy will darken up and has the lovliest disposition. He looks a lot like mama as far as colors go and is well built but not huge. I believe he will have stunning green eyes like mama and he is already playing and batting a ball. NAKED and his markings will continue to deepen the first 9-12 months of his life. He loves snuggling into to go to sleep,  A 100% cutie. 

$ 1500 pending deposit

THUMPER-Reserved for Erica and Damion, Ks- this is our dark seal and cream boy and he has color for miles! Well built and solid like daddy and he already purrs! His markings will continue to deepen the first 9-12 months of his life. He was the first to eat solid food and go explore, but while he is an explorer he is gentle. He loves his sister Winnie and plays with her and sleeps by her most of the time. 

$ 1600 

Felix-ON HOLD- this RED cream bambino has the darkest seal tail and is bambino perfection, naked, tiny legs, wrinkles, wrinkles, wrinkles, and a personality that is huge. He often sleeps and nurses on his back folks ... so sweet!  He will likely have stunning green eyes like dad and he is already purring and giving kisses. He is a family fave with his sweet disposition and antics. 

$ 2550 

The King & Queens of Adora

Queen Gracie






 Queen       Freya

Future Queen

Queen Luna

Queen Harley


King Jack- Our sweet beloved

ladies man & 

resident snuggle


King Jack 

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$400.00 Non-Refundable Deposit is Required to Reserve a Sphynx Kitten in Your Name. Waiting List deposit is  applicable or transferable to future selection. Non-Refundable Deposit for Bambino/Elf/Dwelf is $600.The fee for using PayPal is 3%. Please add $3.00 to every $100.00 you are sending. Example: $400.00 non refundable deposit for a  sphynx, and $600.00 for a bambino, elf or dwelf.~ You will send $412.00 (or $618.00 for a bambino) PayPal takes their 3% fee prior to releasing funds to me. 

After putting in a non-refundable deposit on your baby, please contact us by call or text so we can confirm with you and mark your kitten as "reserved" for you on our site.

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