We here at Adora Sphynx KC  have decided as a family to reduce prices as far as we possibly can prices due to COVID-19 pandemic. We feel at least we can do this/do something! These prices are reduced to help bring some love, laughs, smiles,  and show we care to others at this time of unprecedented stress! And no social distancing needed. Please ️text or dm me for more information (913-206-6417)!


Hug a cat and be safe everyone. ️

Leta Rogers , Adora Sphynx , LLC

*After putting in your non refundable PayPal deposit on your baby, please contact us by call or text so we can confirm with you and mark your kitten as "reserved" for you on our site and send you a kitten confirmation email.*

 Future waitlist open see bottom of page or more info. on the waitlist section of this page and full policy details on the waitlist page.  The waitlist is transferable if you don't fall in love with a baby from that litter. See the adoption page for all details. (Stella isn't available she is 

a Queen and special family pet. Here she is an example of just how beautiful the rare dwelf 

can be .) 


Our little Stella has quite the famous family❤️ (think the Kardashian’s of Cats!) from the Animal planet and discovery channel- her grandpa is GREMLIN. 

So all her kittens have an incredible lineage and coupled with Jacks and Finns grand champion lines their babies are just wonders to behold!


    Waitlist is open and the button is the PayPal button at the bottom of this page. We will and do move people up on the waitlist if there are passes or larger litters, as there have been lately.  Please contact us for what kind of kitten, ie: a standard (sphynx/elf) long legs list or short legs list (bambino/dwelf), if you lay a future waitlist deposit. .
The current waitlist is RESERVING FOR THE Spring 2023 / depending on litter sizes. ( I go by avg. litter size for the queen for the prior two litters and subtract one for us, we don't always keep a show kitty esp. with COVID so faster movement is possible) *Please contact me for information about getting on now if you are a serious and qualified adopter,  or would like to be considered as an alternate if that is a possibility with a larger litter.The non-refundable deposit for our waiting list is $150. This is the standard for placements on the waiting list and it ensures your spot for getting an Adora Baby. $100 of the amount is applied towards the adoption price the kitten and $50 is for licensing and administration fees for your kitten.  Once waitlist deposit is received a receipt of this $150 is sent automatically from PayPal or Venmo and I also send a receipt, with confirmation that you are on the list and confirming the phone number or email file.  At this time, you will also get our kitten care letter to your phone and email. 


(neither or Rory / Mia isn't available she is 
a Queen and special family pet, a rare bambino. )

IMG-9221 (1).jpg

"Joy"- Adopted example only for on of are odd eyed Sphynx- $3,200
DOB: 12/25/21 
Female ODD EYE sphynx  
Finn and Freya  



Dob: 12/25/21

Male ODD EYE sphynx  

 Finn and Freya 


Buddy my Christmas "elf " is a solid cream/ white sphynx and  is a Christmas Day kitten. 

He has huge balanced ears, nice king  legs and a very outgoing personality … he already sleeps on his back and walks towards anything new and the humans  to pet him.  He will look near identical to his papa Finn.  $3000

RESERVED for Margo and  Family


Female  Bambino
Finn and Freya



Bicolored tiny bambino girl is a Christmas kitten too! 

Tiny cobby legs, wrinkles for miles and very dark! ... and a very snuggly personality that already shines! She meows for the humans  to pet her.  

 RESERVED for Christine, Jeff & family

“Peep” - on breeder reserve 


Mia & Jack  

Dob - 4/17

Blk wt , Harlequin  Male sphynx 


“Hunter ”  reserved for Lisa and family and kitty sister Bella 


Mia & Jack  

Dob - 4/17

Male bambino seal tuxedo 


“Peter ”  reserved for Jona and family,      Mo 


Mia & Jack  

Dob - 4/17

Male black and white tux sphynx 


“ Devito ” RESERVED for Kim and family, kitty sibling Cleo $3400

Mera and Jack 

Dwelf male solid white green eyes 


“ Schwarzenegger” RESERVED Christina and family, Johnny and Kona kitty siblings


Mera and Jack 


Male blue eyed solid cream sphynx 

Breeder hold  * for size / tiny go getter of a little dude


Mia & Jack  

Dob - 4/17

Mink bambino male 


“Solo”  reserved Heather for and family,   Mo 


Mera & Jack  

Dob - 4/9

Male sphynx bicolored 


Don't miss out on the kitten of your dreams...get on a kitten waitlist today. 







$400.00 Non-Refundable additional deposit is Required to Reserve a Sphynx Kitten in Your Name. Wait List $150 deposit ($100 is applicable or transferable and is applied to the addoption price) to future selection. Non-Refundable Deposit for sphynx  Bambino/Elf/Dwelf is $600 additional.The fee for using PayPal is 3%. Please add $3.00 to every $100.00 you are sending. Example: $400.00 non-refundable deposit for a  sphynx, and $600.00 for a bambino, elf, dwelf ~ EX: You will send $412.00 a standard sphynx (or $618.00 for a bambino etc.) PayPal or Venmo and takes their 3% fee prior to releasing funds to me. 


“Robin ”  reserved for Linda and family,  Finn kitty bro in Illinois 


Mia & Jack  

Dob - 4/17

Black and white male bambino 

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