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Some food additives to avoid, our veterinarian, and food we use!

  • We proudly see Dr. Ryan Church at Mill Creek Animal Hospital for our regular veterinary services and specialty referrals. He is a highly skilled and caring diagnostician that understands the needs of this unique and special breed. Feel free to call them for your own appointment in the Kansas City metro area

            (913) 268-0900. 

  • Adora Sphynx shows our cats and has been a proud member of the Mo-Kan cat club in the past prior to COVID (

  • Joining a local cat club is a great way to learn how to show your kitten or cat, learn new information, be a part about breed /cat decisions in your community,  meet other "cat people" , have great fun and make new friends!

  • Anyone who loves cats can join and the pets can be purebred, hairless, furry, or mixed breed house cats, "fixed" cats - no matter all are welcome. Great fun for the whole family!

  • Here is our local CFA chapter. They are a great resource and fun part of our lives our kids lives. 

  • Most major cities have  local chapters and if you are interested, contact me and I will help you learn more!

Pet food and some basics: 

There is research that shows seaweed, carrageenan (a seaweed extract), cheap grains, and aloe in food causes GI irritation, cancer,  swelling and with some kitties can cause enough inflammation and issues that this irritation can cause GI bleeding in cats . Sphynx are know to have sensitive GI TRACTS already. Please avoid these in foods. We are switching to Nulo canned food to send kittens home with and the kittens will roll over to this canned food from the raw food before coming home. We feed the chicken or duck variety grain free wet aprox. 3 oz in morning and at night and Taste of the Wild dry grain feed kibble . Kibble is to be a available 24/7 them as well as fresh water. You’ll get a sample of each product as well as a small bag of dehydrated treats in your go home bag.






































As always we share information to help educate and it is not meant to replace your own veterinarian's advice or your own research.

Dangers and side effects of carrageenan

a few resources :

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