CONTRACT for Adoption/Purchase: 

***This contract is to protect the pet, the buyer, as well as the seller. Once you receive 

a contract please read it, fill it out, initial, sign and return via email within 3 days. Please keep a copy for 

your records. 


Sphynx kitten $ 



Bambino kitten $ for pet. 

Retired Breeder is $ for pet. 

Odd eyed kittens or cats: priced on a case by case basis, $. For pet 

If kitten is found to be odd eyed prior to delivery, this contract can be revisited by seller 

including price and /or 

Kitten can be kept by Adora Sphynx as a 

breeder or show cat and retention of kitten. If so deposit, will be refunded and /or 

applied to another kitten of your choice at this time or the or in next available litter: $. 

for pet 

*** Please note that we reserve the right to keep any kitten that is later discovered to 

have odd eyes. If we do decide to adopt out the kitten, the above prices will increase. 

Breeder may not be able to distinguish the colors of eyes during the first few weeks 

after birth. If kitten is found to have odd eyes and we do decide to adopt out the kitten, 

the Buyer will be notified and will be given these options: 

1) to purchase said kitten for a higher amount or decline the purchase. 

2) If Buyer chooses to decline the purchase, Buyers deposit will be refunded in full or if 

available can be applied to another available kitten or next available litter. 

Adora Sphynx contract for pet purchase 

Breeder/ seller: Leta Rogers 

PO box 537 

Gardner, Ks. 







Description of Cat / Kitten- 

Breed: Sphynx 

Sphynx Color: bicolor 





Deposit: $400(applied to pet price) 

Pet Price: 

Optional Transportation, Airlines flight (additional to be paid in full by buyer Minimum 3 

weeks prior to delivery to allow for travel and veterinary arrangements ): $ local 

Optional driving delivery $1 per mile (up to 3 hrs. Round trip) : $ . local pick up agreed 

upon- Adora sphynx representative agreed to meet in ___Local/ Mo. ________and includes this meet up 

delivery in price, once kitten is released from Spay/ Neuter by the veterinarian, expected approx. ________as 

spay/neuter is scheduled __________Kittens are generally released 7-14 days later but no sooner 

than 3 days for healing and the vets ok.(initial)___________ 

Owed at time of Delivery: $______, cash only cay of delivery/pick up. If PayPal needs 

to be sent it must include their 3% fee and be sent 3 weeks prior to the scheduled vet 

date. (Initial)____________ 

To the Buyer- 

The conditions of this sale are as follows: 

(1) The price of the above kitten/cat includes the above US non-refundable deposit due 

for reservation of kitten/cat. Unless the kitten is a local (less than 60 miles from the 

Kansas City metro pick up/drop off, the balance shall be paid in full 3 weeks prior to 

the delivery date to allow for an appointment, vet checks, payments to clear, etc. If the cat is 

flying to its new home, the balance is due three weeks prior to the delivery date to allow for 

veterinary and flight appointments to take place. If it is a local transaction, cash only the 

day pf delivery is fine. 

(2) The seller provides a 72 hours limited guarantee that the above kitten/cat is in good 

health at the time of purchase. It is the responsibility of the buyer to take the kitten/cat to 

a licensed veterinarian within this time for a thorough examination. Failure to have the 

kitten/cat checked by a licensed veterinarian will void guarantee. It is recommended that 

the kitten/cat be quarantined for a period of 14 days before being introduced to other 

cats/animals in your household. If the kitten/cat has been determined by a licensed 

veterinarian, within this 72 hours and this is provided in writing to the seller, to have 

anything that is genetically wrong with it, the seller will replace it with a kitten of equal 

value when one becomes available. There will be no money refunded. The seller has 

the right to have a second opinion by a vet of his/her choice prior to deciding to make 

the replacement. Transportation and return of the kitten cost and all veterinary costs are 

the responsibility of the buyer.______________(Initial) 

(3). If the cat\ kitten is found within the first 72 hrs. to be medically deficient with an 

untreatable or life-threatening congenital problem, this must be reported to the Seller 

immediately. Research suggests that over 90% of all cats are carriers for the herpes virus. 

This virus is airborne, can live on surfaces and is generally thought by veterinarians to 

cause the vast majority of cat and kitten common colds. Purebreds ( all purebred cats are 

more susceptible) sphynx are even more susceptible, in my humble opinion, due to hairless 

nature and heat loss. This is NOT a congenital or genetic defect , just a known risk to the 

breed, like needing regular dental care/ tooth brushing, and baths. We are extremely lucky to 

have very few colds ever here and all of our Queens and Kings have negative status on 

file with our veterinarian. This is very similar to human adults that have shingles expression of 

the chicken pox as evidence of chicken pox exposure. ___________(initial) 

If kitten is found deficient with an untreatable or life-threatening congenital problem, 

a signed statement from a licensed veterinarian as well as copies of any 

and all supporting diagnosis and/or documents is required to qualify for any exchange/replacement. If 

an untreatable or life-threatening problem is found, the Buyer has the choice to return 

the animal for a replacement with all returning and receiving of replacement fees being 

paid by buyer. Upon its return, it will be replaced with a kitten/cat of equal value. If no 

replacement kitten/cat is available at the time of return, the Seller will have one year to 

furnish a comparable kitten/cat. Transportation and all veterinary costs are the 

responsibility of the Buyer. The Seller retains the right to have a second opinion of a Vet 

of their choice. If after reporting any adverse conditions, the Buyer may choose to keep 

the kitten/cat thereby assuming all financial responsibilities. This health guarantee 

applies only to actual medical conditions that are life threatening and will not include any 

cosmetic conditions or conditions that are considered to be non life threatening to a 

feline/Sphynx. After the 72 hour health guarantee period the seller cannot be held 

accountable for future diagnosis of FeLV/FIV/FIP, any bacterial or viral infectious 

disease, parasites or fungus; due to the fact that these can be contracted anywhere in 

the environment after leaving the cattery and are not a result of genetics or breeding. 

The FIP guarantee will be void if said kitten is given the FIP vaccination. Buyer accepts 

all responsibility for protection of cat from said diseases, illnesses, parasites and fungi. 

________ (Initial) 

(4) Adora Sphynx offers a guarantee/protection against Hereditary/Congenital HCM on 

the kittens first 1 year of life. If, your kitten is diagnosed with HCM, an increased risk in 

all Sphynx/ bambino / elf’s, we will not refund you the cost of your cat/kitten but will 

replace your cat/kitten of similar type and quality when one is such available with buyer 

paying cost of delivery of replacement. HCM must be diagnosed with Ultrasound of 

approved veterinarian with a specialty is cardiology. A signed statement from a licensed 

veterinarian certified in cardiology as well as copies of any and all supporting diagnosis 

and/or documents is required to qualify for any exchange. If said untreatable problem is 

found, the Buyer has the choice to return the animal for a replacement with all returning 

and receiving of replacement fees being paid by buyer, all vet records and Tica/cfa paperwork 

must also accompany any returned kitty to our cattery. Upon its return, it will be 

replaced with a kitten/cat of equal value. If no replacement kitten/cat is available at the 

the time of return, the Seller will have one year to furnish a comparable kitten/cat or 

refund the price minus non-refundable deposit after the year is up. 

Transportation of replacement and all veterinary costs are the responsibility of the 

Buyer. The Seller retains the right to have a second opinion by a veterinarian of their 

choice. If after reporting any adverse conditions, the Buyer may choose to keep the 

kitten/cat thereby assuming all financial responsibilities. This health guarantee applies 

only to actual medical conditions that are life threatening such as HCM and will not 

include any cosmetic conditions or conditions that are considered to be normal to the 

Sphynx. (initial)__________ 

(5) This kitten(s)/cat is guaranteed against life-threatening congenital defects for one year 

from the date on this contract. If the kitten should die within the guaranteed one year, 

the seller has the right to request an autopsy to be paid for by the buyer, be performed 

to determine the cause of death. We will not refund you the cost of your cat/kitten but will 

replace your cat/kitten of similar type and quality when one is such available with buyer 

paying the cost of delivery of replacement. The fatal congenital defect must be diagnosed 

at your cost with a board-certified approved veterinarian. A signed statement from a licensed 

veterinarian as well as copies of any and all supporting diagnosis 

and/or documents is required to qualify for any replacement if you choose to request a replacement. 

(6) the buyer agrees to provide a safe, loving indoor-only home that includes: high- 

quality cat/kitten food, a clean litter box, clean bowls, clean bedding and clean drinking 

water to the adopted animal(s). The buyer also agrees to standard and, if needed, 

emergency veterinary care of kitten/ cat for as long as it lives. If the buyer cannot 

maintain this environment for the cat/kitten they agreed to contact Adora Sphynx for 

help and surrender of the animal/ first right of refusal. (initials)____________ 

(7) Kittens will have their appropriate combination vaccinations for their age at the time 

of leaving the cattery. Kittens get booster shots every 3-4 weeks starting at age 

4-6 weeks old. It is very important to follow up with your vet and stay on track with the 

vaccinations. If you do not stay reasonably on track with vaccinations, within a week to 

ten days, that voids the one-year congenital health guarantee. 

(8) Under NO circumstances will this animal be declawed or tattooed. Declawing an animal, 

for all intents and purposes, is amputation at the first knuckle. Doing this can interfere with the 

cats ability to or their ability to want to use the litter box, as it can cause pain in the litter 

box. If we find out that you have declawed the animal, it is breach of this contract and 

we will reclaim the animal at your return cost. Feline Leukemia and 

FIP Inoculation is very dangerous to your kitten/cat and could


cause death. Please do your own research. Contract will be void if kitten/cat shall receive either 


of the above stated vaccines. The


hairless breed is known to have heart issues and you must be aware and agree to the special 


needs of this unique breed. Thus, by default , in completing this adoption the buyer 


acknowledges these health issues. It is NOT the breeders responsibility to educate the buyer 


about the breed. It is the buyers responsibility to educate themselves  on their kitten / cats and 


information that maybe needed arising from adopting an purebred/ exotic breed. Please see 


your veterinarian for additional guidance.

________ (Initial)

9). As the seller, we have the right to refuse and/or cancel sale at any given time, or

reason, as we see fit. You also understand that the hairless

breed is an indoor cat only.

And under no circumstance shall the kitten/cat be declawed or tattooed. By doing so is 

Automatic breach of contract and immediate surrender to breeder. ______________(initial) 

(10) Seller has the conditional right to reclaim kitten/cat without refund of purchase 

price for any breach of contract. Breach of this contract will have a penalty fee which is

 equal to the purchase price of the above kitten/cat. (unless breach is under sections of the  

spay - neuter clauses, these breaches hold a stiffer fine, as noted) Under no 

circumstances will this cat/kitten be sold, leased or given away to any pet store. If for 

any reason you cannot retain ownership of said animal, the breeder shall be given the first 

right of refusal. 

(11) Any legal action which may arise under the terms of this contract will be brought in 

Gardner, Kansas, Johnson County, USA. Buyer shall be liable for any court costs and 

related charges including attorney fees associated with the seller enforcing the terms of 

this contract. In signing this document, Buyer acknowledges that he/she has read, 

understands and agrees to ALL of the terms and conditions stated above. 

(12) Signatures and dates below indicate full agreement to ALL terms set forth in this 

contract. No other warranties or guarantees are provided other than those specifically 

outlined above. The above signed consider this document to be legally binding. 

Changes additions to this Contract must be initialed by all parties. 

(13) Please note: No feline is completely hairless and the sphynx color can sometimes 

change due to climate, exposure, hormones, etc. This kitten is sold representing Its 

color at the time of contract. Eye color can change until up to 6 or 7 months of age, or with injury,

or eye conditons. This 

is understood as well as it is understood that the degree of hairlessness of the Sphynx 

cat varies from cat to cat and sometimes from season to season. No Sphynx is truly 

completely hairless. Some degree of hair is normal. Hormones and genetics play an 

important role in degree of hairlessness and even though a kitten may be almost 

hairless when it is sold, it is possible that the kitten could develop some hair after being 

neutered/spayed or, as it grows older. It is impossible to guarantee that any breeds 

categorized as a hairless kittens or cats will not grow hair at some point and time. 


(14) I (the buyers ,initials) _________agree to have the kitten/ cat, that I purchased from Leta 

Rogers, and Adora Sphynx cattery spayed/neutered prior to leaving the cattery. For 

some reason the cat has to leave the cattery prior to spay or neuter ,due to weight or 

age, I understand that I do NOT have the right to breed this kitten. I also understand 

that I will receive the pedigree papers when I provide proof that this kitten has been 

spayed/neutered. Any breech of this contract can result in the seller taking repossession 

of the cat. It is then your responsibility to get said kitten spayed/neutered. Even if you 

become unable to care for said kitten and need to re-turn him/ her to Adora Sphynx. 

You will be held liable on getting the proper documentation to The seller to prove that 

said kitten has been spayed/neutered. Your vets information is not acceptable as proof. 

I will NOT contact your vet in order to get this proof. You must provide it to me. A copy 

of the receipt with the pets name, dob, and breed on it works best for this. You can 

email it to me or even take a picture and text it to me. 

(15) You do not have the right to sell 

or re home said kitten for any reason. If special circumstances arise that hinder your 

ability to care for your pet, please call me and we will work together to find the best 

solution for the cat/kitten. It is also stated above that if you are unable to care for said 

kitten then Adora Sphynx (Leta Rogers) will be notified and have the option on getting 

said kitten back. 

Adora sphynx cattery requires a $400 non- refundable deposit to reserve a Sphynx 

kitten/cat or a $600 non-refundable deposit to reserve a bambino or elf kitten or cat.

Any monies placed/sent for a 

kitten are non-refundable. 

This deposit and any additional payments or monies paid will go towards the total agreed-upon price. 

If said kitten is returned or buyer request the contract be canceled, for any reason, 

there is an additional of $ 600 fee for a Sphynx and a $900 re-homing fee for a bambino/elfs /dwelfs/odd eyes. This 

is due at contract cancellation. If the non-refundable deposit was paid and additional monies or payments, 

were made they will be forfeit for the care, feeding, veterinary cost and rehoming of the animal. 

(16) This cat or kitten is being sold as a pet or altered show pet only and not for 

breeding purposes. If seller does not have spay/neuter certificates in hand after 6 

months of age, there is a fine of $6,000 (this is a fine and still does not give buyer any 

breeding rights) and the contract will be turned over to our attorney and buyer agrees to 

pay all fees incurred by Leta Rogers and /or Adora Sphynx. 

(17) I sincerely ask of you that if you are unable to care for said kitten for any reason please 

contact me and let me help. I will do all I can to find the pet safely back to our cattery or find 

the pets best options. I will work with you on this for a solution that is in the pets best interest. 

I will enforce this contract as the law will allow me to so. If the kitten/cat is sold to you as a 

show cat, we cannot guarantee their performance in the ring or how they will develop as 

they grow or even if they will tolerate it. Although some cats are show quality, not all 

cats enjoys that environment. 

Thank you so much for your cooperation and choosing to love an Adora Sphynx baby! 

Buyer(s):____________________________________ Date:_______________ 

Seller:_______________________________________ Date:_______________


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