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*Waitlist is available,  see under this page as a sub page.

*Our newest additions will show up available in our photo gallery.  You can reserve a kitten right away.

*It will be 14-16 weeks before your kitten will be available for delivery. (sphynx and elfs can sometimes go at 14 weeks. ) Usual for Bambinos and Dwelfs 16 weeks.

*We strive for Sphynx and Elf kittens to be able to go to their new homes around 14-16 weeks of age, but in some cases a kitten's health, size, or maturity level may be cause to keep them a few weeks longer. We like to wait, as does our vet until the kittens are over 2# to spay/neuter. With some it takes a bit longer, but I promise they are worth it! 

* Delivery age depends on the kitten. Bambinos often need to be a bit older.  It really depends on the size necessary to spay or neuter. 

*When a kitten is listed for adoption, an estimated “ready” date will be posted with their information. At  about 14 -16 weeks of age we will send updates on your kitten's progress, along with discussion for final payment and delivery if we haven't already done so.​

*If you have chosen a kitten who is already of age and ready for their new home, pickup or shipping must be arranged within one week, and the balance is due at that time so that arrangements and appointments can be made.

*If we don't have exactly what you are looking for please contact me about upcoming litters or other recommended breeders. 


A full deposit is required to reserve a kitten.  Deposits are as follows:

 (additional to the waitlist and below is fully applied to the adoption fee)  

Sphynx -- $400  /  Bambino -- $600

** Above Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE but go to overall price of you're cat/kitten **


Check  – Please contact us before mailing a check to confirm availability.

Paypal / Venmo–  3% fee added per $100. 

Once you've placed your deposit and let us know we will confirm your purchase, mark your kitten reserved and contact you that this is all done. We do this so no one else can accidentally reserve the same baby and assure you he/she is reserved just for you!  


After we confirm your reservation we will email you a contract.  You must sign and return the contract to us (via email) within three (3) business days. 


Required 3 weeks prior to delivery.

It is important to make your payment on time to allow for checks to clear, final plane reservations, veterinarian appointments, medical certificates of health, purchase of kennels, etc.  If you are late with the payment it will cause delays for you and possibly others.



***During COVID hand delivery and pet cargo has ceased due to flight restrictions, you may still fly to Kansas yourself and pick up your kitten and we will meet you at KCI for free. *** 

There are 4 delivery options available-

Pick Up:  You must be the one to pick up your furless baby around the Kansas City area.  No additional charge.

* Also, we live fairly close to KCI- Kansas-city international airport -so for example from Minneapolis /St. Paul, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, St. Loius, Boston, Atlanta,Tampa, are all approx. $200-250 round trip for adopters to fly in and get their babies and yes, we meet at the airport (KCI/MCI)  for free. 

Car Delivery:  I will drive up to 1 hour ish for free in the Kansas city metro.  After that, 2 hours ( 4 hours round trip charge additionally) to deliver or meet you. Buyer is responsible for my cost of $1.00 a mile each way and this cost is also due 3 weeks prior to delivery.


Commercial airline:  Continental US Delivery with Delta to MAJOR US cities available for $450. Please discuss with me if your city qualifies as a major hub city and weather is permitting.  International shipping arrangements available, please call.

Hand delivery: Adora sphynx will fly to many major US airports (per my schedule and yours) and hand deliver your kitten at the airport if needed. This is an additional $650.



Your new family member is reserved and waiting for you! We would like to make this transition as easy as possible for everyone. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.  We will help in any way we can.

This is a time of great anticipation, preparation, and the dreaded waiting, but we promise they are worth the wait. 


        Adoption Process

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